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Standing with Arms Stretching out to Sky


At AST, we redefine wellness through personalized one-on-one stretching, combining static and dynamic methods, unlocking your body's potential for a wider range of motion, healing, and unparalleled freedom to thrive. 

Our Story

Our journey began with a passionate commitment to redefine wellness through the art of stretching. Founded by David Rivera and Waka Flores, two dedicated experts with diverse backgrounds and a shared vision. Our story unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of holistic expression through stretch.

Together, David and Waka have combined their expertise, passion, and commitment to establish Advanced Stretch Therapy, where the intersection of art, science, and personal care redefines what's possible for your body. 

At Advanced Stretch Therapy, we envision a world where wellness knows no boundaries, and your body's potential remains unbounded. Our care values guide us on this path:

Our Vision

Personalized Care




The Team

David Rivera

In 2018 David established "ASAP Inner Strength, embarking on a mission to fuse his extensive knowledge in strength training, sports performance, and posture correction into a single transformative approach. With a repertoire that includes credentials such as FST Level III Stretch Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, CPT, CFSC, and Certified Life Coach, David has unlocked the potential of countless athletes and non-athletes alike. His innovative approach has redefined what's possible through a training program, ultimately helping clients move and feel better than ever. 

Waka Flores

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Waka brings a unique blend of experience to our practice. A former professional modern/contemporary dancer and a certified Shiatsu practitioner with over two decades of experience, Waka's journey took her from the dance stage to the world of therapeutic bodywork. Over the past six years, she has delved into Frederick Stretch Therapy, focusing on enhancing flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and relieving tightness, stiffness and pain. As an FST Level II Stretch Therapist, CPT, Certified Shiatsu practitioner, and Mobility & Flexibility Coach, Waka's holistic approach prioritizes your speedy recovery, aiming for long-term wellness and improved physical health and performance.


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